It is a part of daily life and routine in the entire world that anything which is being released as a newly innovated thing, there is a definite need of it to be a better version of what people were using previously. In order to replace an old technology, there is an imminent need to be better off from that in all aspects so that people may prefer making investment or else people won’t.

These days everyone needs something new and better, people nowadays look for ease and for that the need to be convenient in all aspects is something that is crucial. However, when it comes to the entertainment packages too we can see the way these days DTH has taken over the cable TV and has been leading the entire entertainment industry successfully. One may find numerous names under the head of DTH but considering Tata Sky is something essential because of it being the pioneer in this industry. Tata sky has always provided to be the best DTH system in any ways and a few of these reasons which make Tata Sky better than cable TV include the following:

· The sound quality and picture quality offered by Tata Sky is high definition and this level of quality is never offered by the cable television networks in fact there is no match in any way.

· Anyone who gets the Tata Sky installed will never face any issues of weak signals or distortion which is a routine for the users of cable television network.

· There is a flexibility observed in Tata Sky, the users may choose which channel they would like to keep in their package and which they do not which is never a flexibility offered by cable TV.


· The level of coverage of Tata Sky is great and most of the remote areas are also covered by it, whereas the coverage area of cable television is not that strong.